Marine Sciences

Coast of Maine

SEA Fellows share research about lobster shell strength, scallop farming

More than 70 students, researchers, fishermen, aquaculture entrepreneurs and other marine professionals recently gathered at the University of Maine Darling Marine Center for the 2nd annual SEA Fellows Summer Science Symposium. Undergraduate students from across Maine — including UMaine, the University of Maine at Machias and Colby College — shared their research on topics ranging […]

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Fishermen in Eastport, Maine

Maine fishermen: adapting in a sea of change

Increasing environmental uncertainty coupled with rapidly changing market conditions in the Gulf of Maine raise important questions about the ability of Maine’s commercial fishermen to adapt. How resilient is the industry to these shifting waters? Who is best positioned to adapt and who is most vulnerable? “We have started to explore these questions by studying […]

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DMC welcomes Boothbay Sea and Science Center campers

Boothbay Sea and Science Center campers capped off their summer program with a recent daylong visit to the University of Maine Darling Marine Center in Walpole. Nearly 30 campers, ages 5–13, learned about shellfish aquaculture with Lili Pugh, DMC’s K–12 education coordinator. “To understand aquaculture, one must know the science,” Pugh says. “Understanding water quality, […]

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UMaine receives $1.5M award to advance Maine’s marine economy

The U.S. Economic Development Administration (EDA) recently announced a $1.5 million award to the University of Maine to support a major waterfront infrastructure investment at the Darling Marine Center (DMC), UMaine’s marine laboratory in Walpole, that will benefit marine industries statewide. Together with matching funds from UMaine and state marine bond funds, the EDA award […]

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Gulf of Maine

Longer, stronger summers in the Gulf of Maine

Summer is coming to the Gulf of Maine, longer and warmer than ever — as much as two months longer. That’s the message of a new research article by a team of scientists led by Andrew Thomas of the University of Maine School of Marine Sciences. The study, published in the journal Elementa, examined the […]

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Flexible squid movement focus of summer research at DMC

A visiting team of researchers studied features of muscles that control squid maneuverability this summer at the University of Maine Darling Marine Center. Squid move to capture prey, elude predators and compete for access to mates. The idea for the research sparked five years ago during a conversation among scientists Ian Bartol, Paul Krueger and […]

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NASA Earth Observatory features UMaine oyster research

The NASA Earth Observatory featured an image produced by UMaine researcher as its image of the day: “Oyster Prospecting With Landsat 8.” The research, led by Jordan Snyder, a graduate research assistant in marine sciences, and Emmanuel Boss, professor of marine sciences, uses satellite data to identify areas along the Maine coast ideal for oyster […]

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Maine Boats and Harbors publishes essay by Maine Sea Grant’s Schmitt

Maine Boats, Homes & Harbors published the essay “Why We Love the Ocean” by Catherine Schmitt, communications director of the Maine Sea Grant. The essay describes the psychology behind human attraction to water and draws from a large and growing body of literature on the history, science and philosophy of human connections with the natural […]

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Waller’s talk about cold-water corals concludes DMC summer science series

Rhian Waller’s talk about Gulf of Maine cold-water corals at 10:30 a.m. Friday, Aug. 11 concludes the 2017 Darling Marine Center summer science seminar series. Waller, a University of Maine marine scientist and a fellow in the international Explorers Club, was featured in National Geographic Magazine in 2013 as a 21st-century risk taker in the […]

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