Check out what’s next on ‘The Maine Question’

While “The Maine Question” podcast is on a brief spring break, host Ron Lisnet encourages listeners to check the lineup in case they missed any episodes, as well as to share their favorite conversations with friends.

Topics of the podcast, now in its second season, have included news in the 21st century; dog biscuits made of green crabs; being child-free by choice; climate change; the reuse economy; the color of fat; the future of Maine’s forests; and the state’s bicentennial.

After the break, Karissa Tilbury will discuss the fascinating field of biomedical engineering and Ali Abedi will talk about the vast opportunities for undergraduate students to conduct research and exciting possibilities with wireless sensors.

Find the podcast on iTunes, Google Play, SoundCloud, Stitcher, Spotify and The Maine Question website. Do you have a question for UMaine pioneers or a topic you’d like to see explored? Send it to