UMaine faculty mentors recognized at award ceremony

Awardees were recognized for their support, advocacy and mentorship of University of Maine students at the Faculty Mentor Appreciation ceremony on May 7.

The event, which was originally postponed, is part of the 2019 Maine Impact Week celebration.

A total of 23 awards were presented during the luncheon.

Faculty Mentor Impact Award winners:

  • Nicholas Giudice, School of Computing and Information Science, VEMI
  • Marie Hayes, Psychology
  • Jordan LaBouff, Psychology, Honors College
  • Sally Molloy, Molecular and Biomedical Sciences, Honors College
  • Michael Mason, Chemical and Biomedical Engineering
  • Balunkeswar (Balu) Nayak, School of Food and Agriculture
  • Mike Scott, School of Computing and Information Science
  • Kristy Townsend, Biology and Ecology, Center on Aging
  • Elizabeth Allan, Higher Education
  • Susan Bennett-Armistead, Literacy
  • Douglas Bousfield, Chemical and Biomedical Engineering, FBRI
  • Mary Ellen Camire, School of Food and Agriculture
  • Yong Chen, School of Marine Sciences
  • Douglas Gardner, School of Forest Resources, FBRI
  • Jasmine Saros, Biology and Ecology, Climate Change Institute
  • Owen Smith, Art, IMRC
  • Adrienne White, School of Food and Agriculture

GSG Graduate Mentor Award winners:

  • Muralee Das, Business
  • Elizabeth Hufnagel, Education and Human Development
  • Ray Hintz, Survey Engineering Technology
  • James Settele, School of Policy and International Affairs
  • Keith Evans, Economics/School of Marine Sciences

GSG Dan Sandweiss Graduate Advocacy Award:

  • Jason Charland, Office of Research Development

Students submitted hundreds of faculty mentors for recognition with many notes of appreciation. A sample of these can be viewed online.