News Center Maine interviews student about fall campus reopening plans

News Center Maine interviewed University of Maine first-year student Emma Ranco about the University of Maine System (UMS) planning to reopen campuses in the fall. Ranco, a nursing major, said she was excited to hear that UMS is devising a plan to bring students back to campuses next semester. “It’s been hard being away,” she […]

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Press Herald interviews Frank about applying lessons from wrestling to nursing

The Portland Press Herald interviewed Samantha Frank, a former University of Maine nursing student and four-time national female wrestling champion, about how the lessons she learned as an athlete translated to her work as a nurse during the coronavirus outbreak. Frank, a registered nurse with the cardiovascular progressive care unit at Mercy Hospital, Portland, said […]

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Artificial intelligence

UMaine AI: Enhancing human life and societal well-being in Maine and beyond

Artificial intelligence (AI) — the development of computer systems that perform tasks that normally require human intelligence; including visual perception, speech recognition, decision-making and language translation — once was considered to be a concept for science-fiction writing or a vision for the future of computing.  The University of Maine Artificial Intelligence Initiative (UMaine AI) is […]

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MIRTA 3.0 teams complete two-day boot camp

Four faculty-led innovation teams are in the third cohort of the Maine Innovation, Research and Technology Accelerator (MIRTA). The teams recently completed an immersive two-day boot camp designed to introduce them to all aspects of the commercialization process. The teams are: Salty Spoon, a smart spoon that can enhance flavor, led by Nimesha Ranasinghe, UMaine […]

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Wound-healing treatment using wild blueberries receives MTI grant

University of Maine professor of clinical nutrition Dorothy Klimis-Zacas has been awarded a $25,000 grant from the Maine Technology Institute (MTI) to support research into the wound-healing properties of bioactive compounds found in Maine wild blueberries. Klimis-Zacas has been researching the favorable effects of wild blueberries on human health for more than 20 years. Her […]

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UMaine Medicine hosts seminar series

Health-related topics in biomedical science and biomedical engineering, social sciences and community health will be the focus of the spring 2020 University of Maine Medicine Seminar Series.  The series provides insights into current medical research and opportunities for collaborative research projects. Speakers include experts from the University of Maine and other universities, as well as […]

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Mother and baby

Opioid-dependent mothers have reduced social neuropeptide levels, give fewer gentle touches to babies

Mothers being treated for opioid-dependency showed impaired responsiveness and sensitivity to their babies, compared to mothers not dependent on opioids but similar in socioeconomic and lifestyle factors.  The opioid-dependent mothers’ sensitivity deficits were associated with reduced oxytocin (OT) release. OT, which is made in the hypothalamus of the brain, is normally released during mothers’ interactions […]

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UMaine researchers defend scientific contributions of two misrepresented pioneers in hypertension 

Misquotations and quotations made without historical context unfairly paint two pioneers in hypertension investigators as flawed in their thinking, according to two University of Maine researchers. Merrill Elias, emeritus professor of psychology and emeritus cooperating professor in the Graduate School of Biomedical Science and Engineering, and Amanda Goodell, research associate in psychology, have published a […]

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Six doctoral students selected for health-related research fellowships 

Six doctoral students in the University of Maine Graduate School of Biomedical Science and Engineering make up the first cohort supported by a $1.07 million National Institutes of Health’s Institutional Research Training Grant (T32). Awardees receive fellowships that include a stipend, tuition, university fees, health insurance coverage, as well as an allowance for travel and […]

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Medicine and art

Maine arts and humanities, medicine the focus of new fellowship program

A new Maine Medical Arts & Humanities in Medicine Fellowship is being offered through a collaboration between the University of Maine and Northern Light Health. Doctors who complete their residency requirements at Northern Light Family Medicine and Residency in Bangor will have the opportunity to obtain a certificate of advanced learning from UMaine through the year-long fellowship. […]

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