X-ray of hand

Talbot helps ID muscle gene that, when altered, causes joint disease

Jared Talbot is part of a 32-member international research team that identified a gene that, when altered, can cause bent fingers and toes, clubfoot, scoliosis, and short stature.  The team discovered that partial loss of the protein coding gene MYLPF (myosin light chain, phosphorylatable, fast skeletal muscle) results in a disorder called distal arthrogryposis (DA) […]

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Wild blueberries

Study finds wild blueberry extracts influence blood vessel formation

When the human body sustains injury, cells spring into action. New blood vessels emerge through a process called angiogenesis, and cells migrate in a coordinated campaign of healing. The ability to control these mechanisms has the potential to advance therapies ranging from cancer to wound treatment. Polyphenols, a type of bioactive compounds that naturally occurs […]

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Girls Engineer Maine (GEM) receives funding to recruit women engineers

Girls Engineer Maine (GEM), a program in the University of Maine College of Engineering, has been awarded a three-year, more than $93,000 grant from the National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA) to continue to help build the pipeline for engineering workforce development in Maine.  Proposed project activities include a three-and-a-half-day summer residency at UMaine […]

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Neuright members

UMaine spinout Neuright receives $225,000 NSF Small Business Technology Transfer award

Neuright, Inc., a University of Maine biotech spinout focused on the early diagnosis and treatment of peripheral neuropathy, has been awarded $225,000 under the National Science Foundation’s Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) program to further develop its technology for delivery to market. Peripheral neuropathy, a condition in which nerve fibers die back from the skin, […]

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Lab work

UMaine, NU launch new collaborative research program 

A new Seed Grant Program will facilitate research collaborations between the University of Maine and Northeastern University as part of a memorandum of understanding between the two institutions.  The program will fund up to $50,000 for a year of research for each initiative led by at least one researcher from each university in any field […]

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UMaine Health Connection Chats continue in June–July

UMaine Health Connection Chats continue this month and will explore various topics such as home gardening, summertime pests and staying healthy during the coronavirus pandemic. The University of Maine Center on Aging and its community sponsors host the free online chats from 11 a.m.–noon every Wednesday via Zoom. They provide practical information and tips for […]

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News Center Maine interviews student about fall campus reopening plans

News Center Maine interviewed University of Maine first-year student Emma Ranco about the University of Maine System (UMS) planning to reopen campuses in the fall. Ranco, a nursing major, said she was excited to hear that UMS is devising a plan to bring students back to campuses next semester. “It’s been hard being away,” she […]

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Press Herald interviews Frank about applying lessons from wrestling to nursing

The Portland Press Herald interviewed Samantha Frank, a former University of Maine nursing student and four-time national female wrestling champion, about how the lessons she learned as an athlete translated to her work as a nurse during the coronavirus outbreak. Frank, a registered nurse with the cardiovascular progressive care unit at Mercy Hospital, Portland, said […]

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Artificial intelligence

UMaine AI: Enhancing human life and societal well-being in Maine and beyond

Artificial intelligence (AI) — the development of computer systems that perform tasks that normally require human intelligence; including visual perception, speech recognition, decision-making and language translation — once was considered to be a concept for science-fiction writing or a vision for the future of computing.  The University of Maine Artificial Intelligence Initiative (UMaine AI) is […]

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MIRTA 3.0 teams complete two-day boot camp

Four faculty-led innovation teams are in the third cohort of the Maine Innovation, Research and Technology Accelerator (MIRTA). The teams recently completed an immersive two-day boot camp designed to introduce them to all aspects of the commercialization process. The teams are: Salty Spoon, a smart spoon that can enhance flavor, led by Nimesha Ranasinghe, UMaine […]

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