Social media spotlight: Logan Sauer

Hometown: Dumfries, Virginia

Logan Sauer, a wildlife ecology student, enjoys being in the wilderness and learning about the world around him and organisms in it. He just returned from a semester in Townsville in Queensland, Australia (where this photo was taken) through International Studies Abroad.

“We met an Aboriginal man and went through this whole ceremony. We sat in a semicircle, closed our eyes, and breathed in smoke from burning eucalyptus. While this happened, he asked us questions that made us think about our life choices and if we were happy. This really made us all think about what we want to do with our lives and how we want to live … At the end, his assistant made a clay mixture and we came up one by one and she made a different pattern on each of our faces. It was an awesome experience that felt like a rite of passage for coming into Australia, one that I will never forget. Outside of academics, I enjoy painting and playing tennis. I chose UMaine because of the wildlife ecology program and location. I love my professors in the department and the friends I have made in college; I don’t know what I would’ve done without them.”

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