MSTI 2012

MSTI participants participating in indoor activity for road safety
Road Safety

Maine Summer Transportation Institute (MSTI) was held for the 5th time in 2012 for 20 middle school students with a full scholarship from July 9– July 20, 2012 in the Foster Student Innovation Center.  The purpose of the Institute was to create awareness and stimulate interest in students to take full advantage of the opportunities that exist in the transportation industry.  The Institute was an extremely intense and structured learning opportunity for youth in the middle school systems of Maine. The objectives remained pretty much the same as they were in our first year of MSTI except for some activities that were changed to further strengthen the program.

Out of the 31 applicants, 10 girls and 10 boys from 8 Maine middle schools from the Greater Bangor area were selected for the non-residential 2 weeks program. The MSTI activities exposed students to different engineering careers related to transportation.  They learned about designing highways, bridges, and airports, sustainable transportation, safety in road, air, and water, alternative fuels, construction materials, transportation of people and cargo, transportation related laws, regulations, and safety, and career opportunities.  Students participated in hands-on lab projects, safety training, computer aided design (CAD) practice, field trips to transportation museums and facilities, and engineering labs, and recreational activities at the Student Recreation Center.  One of the highlights we added this year was the STARBASE trip where participants got do launch flight simulations of a small plane.

Schools represented were

Brewer Community School, Brewer

Bucksport Middle School, Bucksport

Dr. Lewis S. Libby School, Milford

Glenburn Middle School, Glenburn

Hermon Middle School, Hermon

James F Doughty SChool, Bangor

Orono Middle School, Orono

William S Cohen School, Bangor

 MSTI 2012 Participants

First Name Last Name
Ian Bernier
Connor Bray
Annalee Chute
McKinley Doore
Earl Gary
Evan Gaudette
Keegan Gray
Michelle Haverlock
Jessica Hayden
Andrew Howes
Samantha Jackson
Grace Lee
Angel Kullick Loredo
Emily Patrock
Lillian Price
Sophia Selleck
Catherine Stewart
Curtis Voelker
Katelyn Walsh
Nathaniel Wilcox

Participants used the student recreation facility on campus for swimming except for the fieldtrip days.  They had a great time playing basket ball, racquet ball, table tennis, and track. Everybody had the choice of playing the sport he/she liked.  They also played in the campus garden outside.  Recreation was scheduled as the last activity every day. The MSTI met at the Foster Student Innovation Center (FSIC) on campus every day where they played Foosball.