Emotion Regulation in Aging (ERA) Study | The aim of the ERA study is to is to better understand how older adults monitor, evaluate, and modify their emotional reactions to sad mood. We are currently recruiting male and female older adults (60+) who are interested in coming to the lab for two study sessions. Call/text 207-518-8089 or email for more information. 

Attention and Elaboration (AAE) Study | The AAE study is a 3-part longitudinal study that aims to examine cognitive risk factors and their physiological concomitants (i.e. HRV, GSR, EMG) in adults with a history depression. We are currently recruiting male and female participants with or without a history of depression. Interested in participating in the AAE Study?

The Stress Impacts Behavior Study (SIBS) | The aim of the SIBS Study is to better understand the cognitive and physiological factors associated with suicidal ideation in individuals with a history of non-suicidal self-injury. Currently, we are recruiting individuals with or without a history of non-suicidal self-injury. Interested in participating in the SIBS Study?

Ecological Validity of Emotion Regulation (EVER) Study | The EVER study aims to investigate individual differences in emotion regulation using digital phenotyping and to evaluate how emotion regulation strategies are associated with physiological responses to sad mood.    

Psychometrics of Psychological Constructs Study | The Psychometrics of Psychological Constructs Study aims to evaluate the factor structure of several commonly used self-report measures related to depression. Data collection is complete.


Our lab is involved in several ongoing collaborations with researchers outside of the University of Maine Psychology Department.