Transcript for What R1 Means to the University of Maine

Link to YouTube Video: What R1 Means to the University of Maine – State of the University 2022

Visual information on the screen: Logo of the University of Maine.

Visual information on the screen: Text that reads Voice of: Kody Varaharamyan, Vice President for Research, Dean of the Graduate School. University of Maine Crest logo.

Kody Varaharamyan begins speaking at 0:03: The R1 designation constitutes a well-recognized standard of excellence for research universities. Therefore, it raises the national and international profile of the University of Maine while providing students from Maine and beyond access to top education from a premier nationally recognized research University. As part of this, students will have the opportunity to get educated by world-class faculty researchers and to receive highly valued degrees from an R1 institution. 

Visual information on the screen: Text that reads Voice of: Sandra De Urioste-Stone, Assistant Vice President of Research, Associate Professor Nature-Based Tourism. University of Maine Crest logo.

Sandra De Urioste-Stone begins speaking at 0:36: It means that we’re being recognized for all the fantastic and innovative work that has been happening for many years at the University. It reflects the strategic leadership of many people on campus that set a specific goal and got us to where we’re at today. The productive faculty and researchers that have been working for many years and are leading in areas of research and the arts; Also, the great collaboration that we have with partners outside of the University that provide ideas, provide resources, and help us make sure that our research makes a difference in the lives of Mainers and beyond. 

Kody Varaharamyan begins speaking at 1:20: For current faculty members, they will gain more recognition and prestige through association with an R1 institution, leading to career enhancement and other benefits. And this includes greater fundingopportunities for the research programs. Moreover, recruitment of new faculty will be strengthened due to the knowledge that the University of Maine is among the top tier research universities in the nation and strongly values and supports research and creative activity. 

Visual information on the screen: Text that reads Voice of: Matthew Fowler, Research Engineer- ASCC (Advanced Structures and Composites Center)/Ph.D. Candidate.

Matthew Fowler begins speaking at 1:52: The research we do is very tightly coupled with opportunities for students to have that research recognized at an R1 level. It recognizes the work of everybody. It’s not just a very niche thing, it’s the whole University I’ve always been highly motivated to bring those types of opportunities to Maine and to make them available in Maine. When I graduated with my undergrad, there were not tremendous opportunities in Maine. I had to leave the state to get a job, and so it’s been very important to me to invest in opportunities– People are dreaming up what’s possible, people are investing in figuring out the unknown and because people have been doing that at the University of Maine and being supported and doing the fundamental research, that’s where you grow these types of solutions.

Kody Varaharamyan begins speaking at 2:38: It elevates the University’s stature as being among the top national research universities and enhances its global recognition as a modern 21st century research University with nationally and internationally recognized programs of global impact and local relevance that address the workforce needs and advance the social and economic development of Maine and beyond. 

Visual information on the screen: Text that reads Voice of: Clarissa Henry, Professor of Biological Sciences. University of Maine Crest logo.

Clarissa Henry begins speaking at 3:05: What this does is it really recognizes the investment that UMaine has put into supporting research at a high level. It should boost recruitment of top-notch students; I’m particularly interested in the graduate school for biomedical sciences and engineering program. Clearly, we already have wonderful excellent faculty here like Rob Wheeler and Melissa McGinnis who did tremendous effort and a wonderful job of helping scientifically guide the community response to Covid here at the University and being able to recruit more excellent faculty is only going to benefit Maine. 

Kody Varaharamyan begins speaking at 3:44: The research enterprise at the University of Maine is a vital engine for workforce and economic development in the state of Maine and the R1 designation of its flagship University indeed will attract more talent investment and business to the state of Maine.

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Visual information on the screen: Logo of the University of Maine.