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Speaking to Citizens, Connecting with Audiences

How might politicians, pundits, journalists, scholars, and other social and cultural leaders best connect with the audiences they need to address?  As part of its 2021-2022 Annual Symposium, the McGillicuddy Humanities Center is pleased to sponsor a panel exploring this question and the issues it raises.  Bringing together a professional political communicator, a Maine-based journalist, […]

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The Double Standard: Protest Coverage and Racial Bias

Mass media has a long arm, and a national influence over public opinion of social issues. When protests broke out across the country recently in support of the Black Lives Matter movement, newspapers were quick to try to show the ‘true’ nature of these demonstrations. However, in trying to show news consumers what they wanted […]

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Telling the Story of Climate Change

This event, part of the MHC’s 2020-2021 Symposium on “The Story of Climate Change” brings together people from different professional fields tasked with communicating the impact of climate change to the public. The panel (which will be remote, via Zoom) features a veteran reporter, scientists working with Maine’s Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife (DIFW), and is moderated by Dr. Katherine Glover from the University […]

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