banner for the bicentennial conference, with the maine state shield

Maine Statehood and Bicentennial Conference

The Maine Statehood and Bicentennial Conference will be held at the beautiful University of Maine campus in Orono, ME, from May 30 to June 1, 2019.

Please join us for a series of events, panels, presentations, and concerts celebrating the unique history of Maine, its peoples, culture, politics, art and music. Please see our program for a complete schedule of events and presenters.

The entire scholarly conference (as well as related museum exhibits and musical performances) will be open to the public for a nominal fee. Please register online.

On May 31, prior to the conference’s Keynote event, there will be a Maine History Festival in conjunction with the Bicentennial Conference. Organizers seek participation from students and teachers at all grade levels, as well as by cultural organizations. If you’re interested in presenting at the festival, or for more information, please contact the Festival Committee Chair, Libby Bischof.

Funding for the conference has been provided by:

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