Former Directors

jen moxleyJennifer Moxley 2016-2018, Professor of English, Poet

When I took over in 2016, the Humanities Center was a “tween”—no longer a child, not yet a young adult. Buoyed by faculty, administrative, and staff support—as well as the optimism of our Executive Committee—I was privileged to oversee such an amazing growth spurt in the Center that by the end of my term I felt no qualms handing over the keys. Some highlights of my directorship: when long-time supporters Clement and Linda McGillicuddy gave us a new name; moving into and furnishing our first physical space at 110 South Stevens; working with my assistant Katrina Wynn; her stellar makeover of our webpage and supercharging of our social media; working with the Humanities Student Task Force to design an Engaged Black Bear Digital Badge; developing a Humanities Undergraduate Fellows program; supporting the impressive research and generous programming of my colleagues. I could go on. From a purely personal (and perhaps selfish) standpoint, becoming director did exactly what I had hoped: it put me in rooms with intelligent and inspiring people. People who needed no convincing that—though intellectually challenging and even emotionally risky—the study of the Humanities equips us with the knowledge and resilience needed to live a productive, balanced, and meaningful life.

Liam RiordanLiam Riordan 2014-2016
UMHI director, Justin Wolff, talking with participants of the Young Curators program at the University of Maine Museum of Art, May 8, 2013 (photo credit: Daniel Soucier).Justin Wolff 2012-2014
Scott SeeScott See 2010-2012