2023 MSE Summer Symposium

The Microbes and Social Equity working group, and The University of Maine Institute of Medicine will once again host a free-to-attend virtual summer symposium.

Save the dates: June 5 – 9th, 2023

We will host one thematic session per day, from 11 – 14:45 pm EDT

Session themes include:

  • Reconsidering ‘One Health’ Through Microbes
  • Microbiomes and climate justice
  • Integrating the food systems through microbes
  • Elevating human nutrition and microbiome practice
  • MSE Member Research Showcase, featuring the work of our members!

Symposium Summary

To understand a microbiome, you must learn about the bustling community of microorganisms and the complex ecosystems they live in, because one cannot exist without the other. So, too, does microbiome research rely on understanding the lives and ecology of humans, because there is no aspect of human life which does not involve microbes in some way. To become better microbiome researchers, we must understand social and environmental contexts which affect humans and, in many cases, prevent them from making choices which result in beneficial microbial exposures. This symposium will focus on developing research skills to create transformative research, including context-aware experimental designs, engaging community stakeholders as research partners, writing transdisciplinary papers, translating research into policy, and creating curriculum which melds microbes and social equity.

Meeting dynamics

Each session will feature one hour of short plenary-style talks by experts in the field, including biological scientists, social scientists, practitioners or policy makers, which will be recorded and made available after the symposium.

Each session will feature a 45-minute panel discission with the speakers which will not be recorded.

Finally, each session will feature 60 minutes of discussion in groups led by speakers and MSE group members, and assisted by notetakers, with ~10 participants per breakout room. Participants will be encouraged to collaboratively problem-solve or create draft documents that are meaningful for group participants, which can lead to additional outputs or action.

Sessions format:

  • 5 min intro to the session and speakers
  • 3 consecutive 20-minute plenary style talks
  • 15 min break
  • 45 min panel discussion with speakers
  • 15 min break 
  • 60 minutes of breakout room discussions

Learn more using this link.