Marissa McGilvrey: Seminar Series IPad raffle winner

Marissa McGilvrey was the winner of the spring 2021 seminar raffle. Graduate students who attended the most seminars in the spring had a chance to enter a drawing to win an iPad.

Marissa is a University of Maine GSBSE Ph.D. student within Dr. Lucy Liaw’s lab at MMCRI. Her research is focused on perivascular adipose tissue and how dietary restriction of methionine, an essential amino acid, modifies this tissue to influence the blood vessel microenvironment.

“The Institute of Medicine Seminar Series this Spring provided many opportunities to learn about interesting research topics that are outside my thesis topic and unique discussions with the researchers themselves” said Marissa. “The wide variety of topics was helpful for me to practice communicating broadly with the medical community as a biomedical science doctoral student.”