Olivier Putzeys, Ph.D., P.E.Olivier Putzeys

Lecturer of Mechanical Engineering

The University of Maine
5711 Boardman Hall, Room 228
Orono, ME  04469-5711
(207) 581-2221; olivier.putzeys@maine.edu

Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from University of California, Berkeley, 2007

External Engagements:

  • Montana State University, Dept. of Chemical and Biological Engineering, 2012-2016
  • Institute on Ecosystems, Montana State University and United States Geological Survey, 2012-2014
  • Exponent Failure Analysis Associates, Inc., 2007-2012
  • NASA Graduate Student Research Program (GSRP) Fellowship, 2004-2007
  • The GE Fund Graduate Fellowship, 2002-2003

Teaching Areas: (More Information)

Introduction to Mechanical Engineering; Statics; Strength of Materials; Thermodynamics; Materials Engineering and Science; Mechanical Laboratory I.

Research Areas:

  • Combustion and fire science
  • Smoldering combustion and the transition to flaming
  • Combustion in oxygen-enriched atmospheres
  • Thermal modeling of animals using infrared thermography

Principal Sponsors:


Select Research / Collaboration / Consulting Activities:

  • The spontaneous and piloted transitions from smoldering to flaming in polyurethane foams, NASA
  • Investigations of failures of consumer products, commercial equipment and industrial equipment.
  • Engineering consulting for product manufacturers, insurance carriers, and law firms relating to combustion, heat transfer, fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, material failure and flammability, and fire protection.
  • Thermal modeling of mange-infested wolves using infrared thermography, NSF

Select Publications / Conference Presentations:

  • O. Putzeys, A.C. Fernandez-Pello, and D. Urban, “Ignition of Combustion Modified Polyurethane Foam,” Journal of ASTM International, Vol. 3, No. 3, paper ID JAI13558, 2006.
  • O. Putzeys, A.C. Fernandez-Pello, G. Rein, D. Urban, “The piloted transition to flaming in smoldering fire retarded and non-fire retarded polyurethane foam,” Fire and Materials, Vol. 32, pp. 485-499, 2008.
  • O. Putzeys, A. Bar-Ilan, G. Rein, A.C. Fernandez-Pello and D. Urban, “The Role of Secondary Char Oxidation in the Transition from Smoldering to Flaming,” Proceedings of the Combustion Institute 31: 2669-2676, 2008.
  • O. Putzeys, “Engineering Consulting: Concrete Answers to Complex and Urgent Technical Problems,” Mechanical Engineering Industry Seminar, University of California, Berkeley, October 27, 2010.
  • C. Cross, E.S. Almberg, C.G. Haase, P.J. Hudson, S.K. Maloney, M.C. Metz, A.J. Munn, P. Nugent, O. Putzeys, D.R. Stahler, A.C. Stewart, and D.W. Smith, “Energetic costs of mange in wolves estimated from infrared thermography,” Ecology, Vol. 97, pp. 1938-1948, 2016.
  • O. Putzeys, M. Rais-Rohani, S.R. Maalouf, “Redesign of an Introduction to Mechanical Engineering Course to Keep Students Engaged and Interested,” Paper presented at the 2018 ASEE Annual Conference and Exposition, Salt Lake City, Utah, 2018.

Professional Activities/Memberships:

  • American Society for Engineering Education