Pi Tau Sigma

coat_of_arms_shadow2Pi Tau Sigma is the National Mechanical Engineering Honor Society. It came into being on March 16, 1915, at the University of Illinois. Its main purpose was to establish a closer bond of fellowship resulting in mutual benefits to those men and women in the study and in the profession of mechanical engineering, who by their academic or practical achievements, manifest a real interest and marked ability in their chosen work.

The object of the organization is to encourage and recognize superior scholarship, to foster the high ideals of the engineering profession, to stimulate interest in coordinate departmental activities, to promote the mutual professional welfare of its members, and to develop in students of mechanical engineering the attributes necessary for effective leadership and the taking up the responsibilities of a citizen living in a democracy (source: Preamble to the Constitution of the Pi Tau Sigma Honor Society).

Pi Tau Sigma Officers– Advisor: Andrew Goupee
President — Michael Lyons
Vice President — Kaitlyn Seehusen

How do I become a member of PI TAU SIGMA?

Potential candidates are selected based on three factors:

  • Scholastic Standing
  • Faculty Rating
  • Members’ Opinions

A good scholastic record is required to make a student eligible for Pi Tau Sigma, but otherwise it may afford little help in determining fitness for membership. One must rank in the top 35 percent scholastically.

The opinion of faculty members is valuable, because of their contact with prospective pledges and also because of their experience in judging and rating students. The list submitted to them should be alphabetical and contain no scholastic records. A list of qualities to be rated might include: leadership, personality, trustworthiness, industry, dependability, and probable future success in Mechanical Engineering.

Members personally acquainted with a candidate should give opinions on the candidate’s fitness for membership and the likelihood of the candidate being a worthy member of Pi Tau Sigma. Some qualities on which members may rate candidates are: soundness of principles and morals, honesty, personal cleanliness and neatness, loyalty, and social adaptability (source: Pi Tau Sigma national web site).