MEE 120 Tutorials

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Computer Set Up and View Manipulation:

Template Set Up
Template Set Up
View Manipulation







Piece Part Modeling:

First Sketch And Part
Sketching and Relations
Linear Sketch Patterning







Circular Sketch Patterning
Sketching on Faces
Revolved Bodies







Sweep Along A Guide
Hole Wizard
Fillets, Chamfers, Applying Materials







Planes and Axes
Circular Feature Patterning
Suppressing Features







Creating Sheet Metal
















Piece Part Drafting:

Drafting Set Up
Making Sheet Metal Prints
Broken and Detail Views













Creating Assemblies:

Assembly Template And Simple Assembly
Inseparable Assemblies












Creating Assembly Drawings:

Making Assembly Drawings















Lofting / Reading Airfoil Coordinates:

Reading Airfoil Coordinates







Analysis with SolidWorks Simulation:

SolidWorks Tension Simulation
SolidWorks Simulation – Tension
Solidworks Simulation – Bending
Solidworks Simulation – Centrifugal







Plotting Hoop and Radial Stress







Making real parts from SolidWorks files

Single part 3D printing from SolidWorks
3D printing multiple parts at once
Converting Solidworks files to G code for CNC miling