Alex Friess: Research Activities and Profile Summaries

WFenergyefficiencyDr. Friess’ research background includes the broad field of experimental fluid dynamics (including laser diagnostics, and aerodynamic design and performance optimization), as well as renewable energy, energy efficiency and engineering education.  He has industrial experience as an entrepreneur in the Solar Energy field, and he has been active as consultant and design engineer working on a variety of projects, including participating in the design and engineering of South Africa’s yacht for the America’s Cup 2007.

Current work focuses on energy efficiency and engineering education.  Dr. Friess is working on building infiltration and infiltration measurement, as well as energy retrofits in extreme climates (i.e. Dubai).  Education work includes the integration of Spatial Visualization modules using 3D printed manipulatives into the engineering design graphics coursework, novel homework assessment methods, and k-12 engineering education.

Dr. Friess is the faculty advisor of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) section as well as the 3D printing club, and also advises the AIAA Design Build and Fly projects in the Capstone course.


Recent publications:

  1. Friess, Rakshan, and Davis. “A global survey of adverse energetic effects of increased wall insulation in office buildings: degree day and climate zone indicators “.Energy Efficiency, (2016), 1-20. DOI1007/s12053-016-9441-z
  2. Friess, W.A., Martin, E. L., Esparragoza, I.E., Lawanto, O. Improvements in student Spatial Visualization in an introductory engineering graphics course using open-ended design projects supported by 3D printed manipulatives. Proceedings of ASEE National Conference and Convention, New Orleans, June 2016.
  3. Friess and Davis, “Formative homework assessment strategies to improve student time management and learning; WIP”. Proceedings of American Society for Engineering Education Northeast Conference at the University of Rhode Island, April 28-30, 2016
  4. Friess and Davis, “Rise and Demise of a Startup Engineering Program at a Remote Location”, Proceedings of for American Society for Engineering Education Northeast Conference at the University of Rhode Island, April 28-30, 2016
  5. Friess, W.A. A first course in engineering design combining just-in-time CAD instruction within a horizontally integrated design project.  Proceedings of IEEE Frontiers in Education Conference, Madrid, Spain October 2014
  6. Friess, W.A., and Davis, M.P. First cohort student retention challenges in a startup program.  Proceedings of LACCEI conference Guayaquil, Ecuador, July 2014
  7. Friess, W.A., Davis, M.P. and Faulhaber, C. First and Second Year Common Projects for Curricular Integration. Proceedings of Canada International Conference on Education (CICE-2014), Cape Breton University, Nova Scotia, Canada.  June 2014.
  8. Friess, W.A. PTC Creo and PTC PLMS in the Brunswick Engineering Program Integrated Curriculum.  White paper, PTC 2013.
  9. Rakshan, K., Friess, W., and Tajerzadeh, S. Evaluating the sustainability impact of improved building insulation: A case study in the Dubai residential built environment. in Building and Environment 67 (2013) 105-110