Vincent Caccese, Ph.D., P.E.Vince Caccese faculty photo

Professor of Mechanical Engineering

The University of Maine
Ferland Engineering Education and Design Center, Room 252
Orono, ME  04469-5711

PhD in Civil Engineering from Drexel University, 1985

External Engagements:

  • Principal Engineer, Apex Engineering and Technologies Inc. 1992-present
  • Chief Technical Officer, Alba-Technic, LLC, Fall 2017 University Sabbatical
  • NASA-ASEE Summer Faculty Fellowship, Johnson Space Center, 1996 &1997
  • Research Engineer, Applied Thermal Sciences, University Sabbatical, 2003-2004
  • High School Science Teacher, Bangor Christian School, part-time, 2005 – 2008

Teaching Areas: (More Information)

Statics, Strength of Materials & Advanced Strength of Materials; Intro to the Finite Element Method; Advanced Finite Elements in Solid Mechanics; Theory of Plates and Shells

Research Areas: (More Information)

  • Design, Testing and Analysis of Impact Attenuating Materials
  • Design and Monitoring Systems for Assistive Devices
  • Structural Testing, and Finite Element Analysis Computer Modeling
  • Dynamic Systems Modeling and Testing
  • Fatigue Response of Connections

Principal Sponsors:


Select Research / Collaboration Activities:

  • Development of protective head gear for fall prone elderly, Alba-Technic LLC/NIH, NSF
  • AFARI and other stylized adaptive mobility devices, Mobility Technologies, LLC/NIH
  • Inflatable structures, NASA
  • Effect of overwelding on conventional and laser welded connections, Huntington Ingalls/ NSRP
  • Laser welded ship panels and modular hybrid composite/metal ship connections for ship structures, ONR

Select Publications / Conference Presentations:

  • Hajiaghamemar, M., Seidi, M., Ferguson, J.R., and Caccese V., [2015], “Measurement of Head Impact due to Standing Falls in Adults Using Anthropomorphic Test Dummies,” Annals of Biomedical Engineering, Vol. 43, No. 9, p. 2143.
  • Caccese, V., Ferguson, J.R., Lloyd, J., Edgecomb, M.A., Seidi, M., and Hajiaghamemar, M., [2016] “Response of an Impact Test Apparatus for Fall Protective Headgear Testing Using a Hybrid-III Head/Neck Assembly,” Experimental Techniques, Vol. 40, No. 1, pp. 413-427.
  • Glaser, R., and Caccese, V., [2013], “Experimental Methods to Determine In-Plane Material Properties of Polyurethane-Coated Nylon Fabric,” Journal of The Textile Institute, Vol. 104, No. 7, pp. 682-698.
  • Poirier, J.D., Vel, S.S., and Caccese, V., [2013], “Multi-objective Optimization of Laser-welded Steel Sandwich Panels for Static Loads Using a Genetic Algorithm”, Engineering Structures, Vol. 49, pp. 508-524.
  • Caccese, V., [2010], “Fatigue in Laser Welds” in Failure Mechanisms of Advanced Welding Processes, Editor: Xin Sun, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL), Woodhead Publishing, ISBN 978-84569-450-0, pp. 218-257.

Professional Activities / Memberships:

  • ASTM Committee on protective headgear