Alexander Ascher

Education:  Boston University, 2017

Advisor:  Dr. Richard Wahle

Email Address:

Phone:  207.585.957.0531

Location:  Darling Marine Center



Research:  I did my undergraduate work at Boston University, where I graduated with honors in Marine science. At BU I found my love of research and ecology, and finished my senior year by completing a thesis project on the factors which influence speciation in coral reef fish. After graduation I worked for a year as a Northeast Fisheries Observer, recording data on commercial fishing vessels. This was a great place for me to gain field experience to supplement the lab experience I already had. I feel that research is strongest when you are able to incorporate both lab and field data. As I work on my PhD with Dr. Wahle, I strive to continue gaining research experience and furthering my career as a marine scientist.

Current research: Investigating whether there is an effect of maternal size on egg and larval quality in
the American Lobster, and whether there is a correlation between lobster larvae
abundance and the zooplankton assemblage for a given year.