Jeffrey Runge

RungeEducation:  Ph.D. University of Washington

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Email Address:

Phone:  207.228.1652

Location:  Gulf of Maine Research Institute

Mailing Address:  Gulf of Maine Research Institute, 350 Commercial Street, Portland, ME  04101



Research Area:

  • Linkages between climate, ocean ecosystem productivity and recruitment into the fisheries.
  • Factors determining variability in production of zooplankton, including larvae of commercially harvested fish and invertebrates
  • Application of coupled, 3-dimensional physical-biological models to investigate connections among variation in ocean currents and temperature, zooplankton production, and the growth and survival of fish larvae.



  • Dispersal of Atlantic cod eggs and larvae from spawning areas in the Gulf of Maine,
  • Ocean acidification effects on zooplankton
  • Factors sustaining the high abundance of the planktonic copepod, Calanus finmarchicus, in the Gulf of Maine
  • Seasonal and interannual variation in abundance and species composition of zooplankton and ichthyoplankton at fixed stations in the coastal Gulf of Maine
  • Interaction between Calanus finmarchicus, herring and higher trophic levels in the coastal Gulf of Maine ecosystem