Fei Chai

ChaiEducation:  Ph.D. in Ocean Science, 1995, Duke University

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Email Address:  fchai@maine.edu

Phone:  207.581.4317

Location:  453 Aubert Hall

Mailing Address:  5706 Aubert Hall, Orono, ME  04469-5706

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Research Area:  

I study how physical and biological processes contribute to the carbon cycle, and how the biological pump transfers carbon into the deep ocean. My current research interests include: developing and testing physical-biological models in several regions, the equatorial Pacific and the coast of Peru, the Gulf of Maine, and the Arabian Sea; studying the nutrient transport from the interior ocean to the surface by the ocean circulation and mixing processes; assimilating satellite information into the physical-biological models, such as sea surfac e temperature and surface ocean color. Much of my work has been interdisciplinary, emphasizing physical and biological oceanography. I am also interested in using the stateof-the-art supercomputing power for the large scale ecosystem models.