SMS offers both undergraduate and graduate degree programs, as well as an intensive, hands-on, field-oriented, semester-long autumn program for undergraduates called Semester by the Sea.Semester by the Sea is open to undergraduates from other institutions that may not have comparable facilities and offerings. If you have already decided to apply, you can proceed to the relevant section below. If you are on the fence, here are some issues and alternatives that you should consider in choosing your direction of dismount.

Undergraduate admissions

Early Action Deadline December 15th. Start here to learn about the undergraduate admissions process. Nationally competed undergraduate scholarships are not as common as those for graduate students, but there are important exceptions like the Ernest F. Hollings Undergraduate Scholarship Program. If you are applying as a freshman, you won’t be eligible for a couple of years, but make a mental note of this valuable opportunity.

Semester by the Sea

Deadline March 30th. Surf toward a server by the sea to apply.

Graduate admissions

We currently accept applications until the first week of August. Visit our graduate admissions page to learn more about out guidelines and process. Before you apply, please read the UMaine-wide instructions for applicants that detail exactly what is needed.  Before you decide to apply, you should familiarize yourself with the School of Marine Sciences’ admissions criteria.  You can also go to the UMaine Graduate School Home Page and choose links for many other useful things, including assorted forms and funding resources.