July Information Letter


Please read all of the enclosed material carefully, it contains all of the information that you will need for Band Camp 2017 and the requirements for Marching Band for the Fall of 2017. There are changes this year so PLEASE read carefully.

Once again have a marching band twitter account!!!!!! Mainemarchingba We will be using this for all of our communications this year. You will all need to follow the page and get your cell phone to follow via text. This is VERY easy to do. On cell, Text FOLLOW MaineMarchingBa to 40404 and you will then get all messages posted.

If you don’t have shoes, please fill out the order form to get them and mail it to me by August 15. Thank you. Dance team members must ALL have the same performance shoe. You can pay for them at band camp. The prices are as listed on the web site.


SATURDAY, AUGUST 19: You will Check in at the class of 1944 Hall first between 8 and 11 am. You will then proceed to Hancock Hall if you need housing and check and move in there. First group meeting is 11 am then you will go to lunch and have activities for the afternoon and evening ending around 9:30pm. Your meals are taken care of from noon on Saturday. Please note when you filled out the band camp registration form, it doesn’t enroll you in the class, we will have theforms for that at band camp!


SUNDAY, AUGUST 20: You will check in the class of 1944 Hall between 9 am and 1pm then proceed to Hancock Hall for room check in if you need a room. There will be a full group meeting at 3 pm followed by sectional rehearsals a full group performance and a picnic meal. Around 7pm that night you will be free to settle into your rooms. If you are not in Saturdays group you may not check in early just to get here. Your meals are taken care of from dinner on Sunday.

Daily rehearsal during band camp will be 8am-noon 1:30-4:30 and 6:30-9:30pm. These are required. Meals will be provided for all members from breakfast Monday, August 21 through dinner on Thursday 24th. Your meal cards should begin working on Friday Breakfast. Students living off campus with out meal plan will be provided lunch and dinner for the entire camp time.

Dormitory Check-in: I apologize for any inconvenience. All Marching Band students will be moving into temporary housing in Hancock Hall. ALL STUDENTS should check into the dorm during your assigned times. Every effort will be made to put you in YOUR room if it is in Hancock. Move in to your permanent assignments will be Wednesday morning from 8am to 10:30am. More details will be given at band camp. If you have questions regarding housing please call 207 581 4580. Students Living off campus will need to find your own housing after WEDNESDAY morning!!!!

Band Board Members: We will meet Friday, August 19 at 8 am in room 100. You can check into your rooms by calling 207-610-4151. You can move into Hancock on this day. We will meet at 8 then break and move in from 9-10 then meet again at 10:30 and finish all the stuff we need to do. Band Board members will be provided meals for Saturday and Sunday. Band Board Cookout will be Friday afternoon, August 18 at my camp. More details to follow.

All Wind and percussion players will need the following equipment Dancers refer to Items #2,#3,#4 and # 9

  1. Pencils
  2. A pair of comfortable Shoes Athletic trainers work the best. NO OPEN TOED SANDALS FOR MARCHING.
  3. Lyres and flip folders for your instruments (Flip Folders and Lyres will be available at the band store on campus Lyres will be provided for school owned instruments)
  4. Sunscreen , Sunglasses a hat and a water bottle
  5. One pair of White Uniform Gloves, ( available at Band Store)
  6. Marching Shoes See top of letter for details
  7. Black Socks
  8. Clip on suspenders to hold up your marching pants.
  9. Dance Team Only NEEDS Black Dance Shoes All must have the same style shoe Bloch Boost DRT black Dance Sneaker.

If you need a University owned instrument please contact me at 207-581-1232.

The tentative schedule is as follows: This may change as I am still working on a couple of exhibitions. Final schedule will be given at Band Camp. Times will be given in the band handbook.

Dates for Next Year TENTATIVE This schedule may be added to prior to band camp. Official schedule will be given at Band Camp.


Home Game days count on 8am until 6 pm at LEAST. Game times have not been posted yet.

Band Camp

Band camp days start at 8 am and end at 9:30 pm Band Board Report Friday, August 18

First Year /Dance Majorette/Percussion Saturday, August 19

All Band August 20 Band Camp Ends August 25

Marching Band meets Tuesday and Thursday 3:30-4:50 and Friday 4:-5:20 once classes begin.

Football Dates and other performances

August 25 Folk Festival Parade Leave 5:30 pm IN Uniform

August 26 New Student Performance Time TBA Most likely between 5 and 8 pm

September 9 vs Bryant

Sept 30 River fest am MBDA Show pm

Oct 14 vs URI Homecoming

Oct 28 vs William and Mary

Nov 4 vs Delaware at Portland

Nov 10- 11 Fenway vs UMass

Nov 18 vs Stony Brook

NOV 25 Playoff TBA

Dec 2 Playoff TBA

Dec 9 Playoff TBA

You will notice FOLK FESTIVAL on the list for the final day of band camp. This is a HUGE event with 20000 plus people watching. It’s a very short parade with stops along the way to perform. We will adjust band camp so we are ready for this great event!

We are also performing in Fenway on NOV 11 combined with UMASS for a huge Veterans Day show. I cannot wait!

TBA Games Are only there in case we make the play off games. If we get that far they will have us play if it is a home game, travel is unlikely until the final game, the National Championships.

If you have not been active this summer please start getting 30-60 minutes of walking or other type of cardiovascular exercise, it will make the transition to marching band easier and reduce the likelihood of injuries. It is NOT my goal to turn BAND camp into BOOT camp, but we all need to be in good working condition to avoid injury during band camp.

If you are receiving this letter then I am counting on you for this next season, please let me know ASAP if your status has changed. We have Awesome numbers again this year, as of today we have 110!!! Recruit and lets hit 130! ANYONE is welcome if they play an instrument! Do some recruiting! 2017 is going to be great!


Christopher G. White

Sports Band Director