Marching Band Leadership

  • Christopher G. White, M.M.




  • Denise Knowles

    Dance Instructor


  • Brandy Chadbourne

    Majorette Instructor

  • Sara Qualey

    Graduate Assistant

  • Lizzie Blanchard

    Drum Major

  • Torie Perry

    Drum Major

  • Jameson Treadwell

    Drum Major

Within the Pride of Maine Black Bear Marching Band, there are numerous leadership opportunities. There is the director, instructors, drum majors, and section leaders. As a member of the band, members have the opportunity to be elected as leader of their section, or one of three drum majors for the entire band.

Section leaders are responsible for teaching their sections how to march, the drill for the shows, and the music required. They are also expected to help the drum majors and director carry out rehearsal plans, as well as take care of their section. The larger sections, such as Dance Team and Percussion, generally have two section leaders due to the size of the section.

Drum majors are responsible for working with the director to make sure the band is meeting its goals, being the link between section leaders and the director, and must know and be able to teach all music and drill. The three drum majors act as drill instructors on the rehearsal field, and conductors on the performance field.

All members are expected to know their music and drill, communicate with their section leader, and be a positive role model. Any members interested in leadership positions are encouraged to talk with any current leadership staff about the process and requirements.

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