sweet peppers

Identifying Profitable Vegetable and Small Fruit Varieties for Maine Farmers – 2014

Bell peppers, sweet corn and butternut squash were evaluated in 2014. New Ace produced the greatest yield however, New Ace, Ace, JPR632, JPR1124, and JPR1127 tended to produce mostly medium size fruit having irregular shapes and thin walls. Declaration, Revolution, and Vanguard produced greater numbers of jumbo and extra large fruit. AristotleX3R, Currier, Revolution and […]

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Evaluation of Garlic Clove/Bulb Distribution Relationship

Garlic is an important crop in Maine for over 70 commercial growers representing all 16 counties ( Most garlic producers in Maine are market gardeners producing many crops. However, the contribution to farm income from garlic is disproportionably large when compared to the area planted. There are several garlic growers in Maine that have over […]

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fiddle head

Effects of Cook Method and Time on the Safety and Quality of Maine Fiddleheads

Two studies were conducted to investigate the microbial characteristics of raw fiddleheads to determine if microbial levels and heavy metal concentrations vary depending on location and to determine thermal processing effects on microbial load and quality of fiddleheads. Fiddleheads were harvested from 5 Maine riverbanks and 3 upland wooded sites. Two separate studies were conducted […]

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Preliminary Soil Test Calibration for High Tunnel Production

Tomatoes were grown in high tunnels in 2014 at two location in NH (Durham & N Haverhill) and at Highmoor Farm in Monmouth ME, using the same fertility plot design: 2 rates of Nitrogen (275 or 630 Lbs/Acre) and, depending on location, 6 or 7 rates of Potassium (0 to 1000 Lbs/Acre), using organic nutrient […]

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