More About Maine Agricultural Center

The Maine Agricultural Center was created to coordinate and expand research and educational services provided to Maine agriculture by the University of Maine System. The center also provides a single portal to University of Maine agricultural programs for Maine’s agricultural community.

The Maine Agricultural Center’s formal mission is:

  • to develop close working relationship between MAC and industry to identify current and future needs
  • to provide the research and education resources needed for Maine agriculture to remain competitive
  • to develop the knowledge, technologies and policy options needed by Maine agriculture to provide high-quality products in an economically viable and environmentally sustainable system
  • to improve the delivery of agricultural research and Extension education to Maine.

The center is here to serve the public. You can access both extension publications and experiment station publications and other information from this website. Faculty and staff are available to answer technical questions. The directory on this website will help you to identify faculty and staff  with expertise closest to the topic of your inquiry.