Board of Agriculture

Past meeting minutes

Minutes from Board of Agriculture meetings are available online.

Origin and purpose of the Board of Agriculture

The Board of Agriculture advises the Chancellor of the University of Maine System (UMS) and the President of the University of Maine on matters concerning the research conducted by the Maine Agricultural and Forest Experiment Station and the agricultural-related educational programs offered by University of Maine Cooperative Extension, including farm-based programs. The board was created by the Maine Legislature in 1998. The board meets two-three times a year with the leadership of the Experiment Station and UMaine Extension. The board helps to identify and prioritize the research and extension programming needs of the agricultural community in Maine. The board also represents the interests of the UMS and University of Maine in the Legislature.

What organizations have representatives on the Board of Agriculture?

Representation on the Board of Agriculture is established by Maine law as outlined below. The dean/director makes recommendations on the appointment of the research faculty members and generally has input on other University of Maine and University of Maine System appointments. The board consists of the following 20 members:

  • A designee of the president of the University of Maine
  • A designee of the chancellor of the University of Maine System
  • The Commissioner of Agriculture, Food and Rural Resources or the commissioner’s designee
  • The president of a statewide farm bureau or the president’s designee
  • The president of a statewide agricultural council or the president’s designee
  • Nine members representing nine agricultural or aquaculture industry sectors, one person designated by each of the following:

o   The Maine Potato Board
o   The Wild Blueberry Commission of Maine
o   A statewide pomological society
o   A statewide vegetable and small fruit growers association
o   A statewide dairy industry association
o   A statewide landscape and nursery association
o   A statewide florist and growers association
o   A statewide organic farmers and gardeners association
o   A statewide aquaculture industry association

  • Two members of the joint standing committee of the Maine Legislature having jurisdiction over agricultural matters
  • One farmer with livestock experience in an area other than dairy farming, chosen from a list of three nominees submitted by a statewide beef and sheep producers association, appointed by the governor
  • Two research faculty members from the University of Maine recommended by the college dean/director and appointed by the Board of Trustees of the University of Maine System.
  • The dean of University of Maine Cooperative Extension

How do I learn more about the Board of Agriculture?

Email the clerk of the Board of Agriculture at