Identifying Profitable Vegetable and Small Fruit Varieties for Maine Farmers – 2014

Bell peppers, sweet corn and butternut squash were evaluated in 2014. New Ace produced the greatest yield however, New Ace, Ace, JPR632, JPR1124, and JPR1127 tended to produce mostly medium size fruit having irregular shapes and thin walls. Declaration, Revolution, and Vanguard produced greater numbers of jumbo and extra large fruit. AristotleX3R, Currier, Revolution and Karma were consistent over the two years averaging greater than 1000 boxes per acre in both 2013 and 2014.

sweet cornSweet corn favorites for overall best growth habit and ear quality, listed in order of maturity (earliest to latest) were:  Stellar, 7112R, and Higlow 8902 MR. Other varieties that performed very well include:  XTH20173, Awesome XR, Multiglow 7002R, Allure, Essence, and Multisweet 2340.

Butternut squash Avalon preformed among the best of the larger-fruited varieties (4 lbs.), having good yields and the most uniform size and shape.  For medium-sized fruit (3+ lbs.), XRB4757A preformed very well, having good yields and attractive fruit, although perhaps a little too large for some customers (3.8 lbs.).  Waltham and Butterfly produced good yields with attractive 3+ lb. fruit.  For smaller fruited varieties (2+lbs.), Metro PMR and Chieftain produced attractive, uniform fruit, but total yield by weight was relatively low.

Investigators: Mark Hutton and David Handley