Witter Farm hosts “Adopt a Cow” program

Forget the guinea pig. How about adopting a 100-pound dairy calf for your classroom mascot by joining the Adopt A Cow program? Don’t worry about finding a pen big enough to hold her. The photos and stories we’ll send you about her life on the farm will make her “come alive” for your students! The best part? It is FREE!

Discover Dairy is an engaging interactive cross-curricular educational series that focuses on teaching elementary and middle school students where milk comes from and how dairy farmers contribute to our world. Discover Dairy is a resource provided at no cost to educators and others who are interested in teaching students about the dairy industry.

During the 2024/2025 students will write letters to their adopted calf and the University of Maine’s Witter Farm, a Maine Agricultural and Forest Experiment Station. Witter Farm staff and students will answer questions and send photos and videos to help educate the next generation of potential dairy farmers.

Learn more about the Adopt a Cow program here.