Development and modification of advanced chromatographic techniques

Agriculture and food processing plays a substantial role in support of the fragile Maine economy. Potato and blueberry production are vital to the depressed economies of northern and eastern Maine and valuable niche crops (i.e. tomato, elderberry, pepper, Chaga mushrooms) have the potential to provide additional employment opportunities. The shellfish industry also employs a significant number of workers and is vulnerable to sporadic shut-down during Red Tide outbreaks, due to paralytic shell fish toxins in clams and mussels. Collaborative work between Maine food producers, regulatory agencies and University of Maine food science/food chemists will help improve the overall quality, nutritional value, bioactive content and safety of food and food products produced in the state. Healthy and safe food production will help stabilize employment, improve the Maine economy, promote healthier diets and reduce chronic illness of Maine citizens.

Investigators: Perkins, L. B.; Nayak, B.; Myracle, A.

Unit: School of Food and Agriculture

Termination Date: 30-Sep-17