Sustainable solutions to problems affecting bee health

Pollination is critical to one of Maine’s most important crops, wild blueberry. Almost 80,000 honey bee colonies are brought into Maine each year for pollination. In addition to honey bees, native bees are extremely important to pollination of wild blueberry. Almost 30% of wild blueberry flowers are pollinated by native bees. Because of the importance of this crop which is totally dependent upon bee pollination, any factors affecting bee health need to be minimized where possible. Pesticide exposure is one factor that has been shown in specific cases to reduce native and honey bee health in maine wild blueberry. However, there is much that we do not understand about pesticide exposure. The research described here will be conducted with the aim of increasing our knowledge of bee health and pesticides. Results of our research will be communicated to wild blueberry growers and honey bee keepers.

Investigator: Drummond, F.A.

Unit: School of Biology & Ecology

Termination Date: 30-Sep-19