2nd International Marine Conservation Congress in May 2011

The Marine Section of the Society for Conservation Biology will host the Second International Marine Conservation Congress (IMCC2) from 14-18 May, 2011 at the Victoria Conference Centre, British Columbia, Canada.

Themes for this conference include:

•     Innovative techniques and technology for marine conservation;

•     Human dimensions of marine conservation;

•     International treaties and marine conservation;

•     The changing Arctic.

•     Marine conservation awareness and outreach;

•     Climate change and the oceans;

•     Sustainable fisheries and aquaculture;

•     Conservation at the land/sea interface; and

•     Marine protected area effectiveness and marine spatial planning.

The first International Marine Conservation Congress was held on 20-24 May 2009 at George Mason University near Washington D.C.  The meeting brought over 1,200 scientists, managers and policy makers together, with over 16 simultaneous conference sessions, symposia and workshops, and over a twenty  associated events, training sessions and activities, making it one of the largest academic marine conservation conferences ever held.

In addition to IMCC2, there will be opportunities for 4 days of pre-congress workshops and symposia (10-14th May 2011) to be held at the University of Victoria, British Columbia.

During interactive symposia and workshops, we will challenge participants to go beyond one-way communication. Each of these sessions will address specific topics within major themes and develop innovative solutions to current conservation challenges. Symposium organizers will invite a select group of speakers and devise creative ways to facilitate discussion. Workshops will consist of multi-disciplinary teams focused on crafting policy and management recommendations, briefings, conservation action plans, white papers or peer-reviewed publications.

The Congress organizers can also assist agencies, NGOs and other groups to organize receptions and academic or social events with a variety of venues available including rooms at the conference center, at the adjacent Empress Hotel or the nearby Maritime Museum.

The Congress will open on 14th May with an evening reception at the Shaw Ocean Centre in Sidney, near Victoria. The event will close on the evening of 18th May with a final reception at the Royal BC Museum, Victoria.

Important Deadlines and Dates:

1 August 2010 – Deadline for symposium and workshop proposal submission

1 December 2010 – Deadline for poster, speed presentation and spoken presentation abstracts

Please email imcc2chair@gmail.com for more information.