Current & Upcoming Course Offerings

This is a listing of UMaine courses scheduled for the Spring of 2022 that satisfy the requirements of the Leadership Studies Minor. All Leadership Studies students should carefully review the Leadership Studies Minor Requirements before registering for classes.

Please note that class schedules are subject to change. A current course schedule is available on MaineStreet.

Many of these courses have departmental prerequisites. Declaring a Leadership Studies Minor does not automatically gain a student entrance into a course with prerequisites.


Core Courses:

  • LDR 100 Foundations of Leadership
  • LDR 200 Leadership Ethics
  • LDR 499 Leadership Engagement Practicum
    • KPE 427 Health Fitness Internship
    • POS 493 American Politics Internship
    • POS 496 International Affairs Internship

Leadership Electives: 

  • LDR 350 Topics in Leadership Studies- Gender and Leadership
  • LDR 210 Leadership and Sports
  • LDR 220 Leadership and Social Movements
  • LDR 300 Advanced Leadership Theory and Practice
  • LDR 390 Contemporary Leadership and the Art of Political Strategy
  • CMJ 103 Public Speaking
  • CMJ 347 Argument and Critical Thinking
  • CMJ 367 Public Relations
  • EHD 203 Education Psychology
  • ENG 317 Business and Technical Writing
  • KPE 426 Exercise Prescription and Leadership
  • PSY 251 Psychology of Motivation
  • WGS 301 Intermediate Topics in Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies