Minor Requirements & Course Descriptions

UPDATE: The Leadership Studies Minor Requirements have been updated for students enrolling in the Fall semester of 2021. The following “New Requirements” will apply to all students enrolling in the Leadership Studies Minor in Fall of 2021 and beyond. Current Leadership Minor students can follow either the “New Requirements” or the existing requirements. Please read below for more details.

New Leadership Minor Requirements 

**Effective Fall 2021**


  • Minimum number of credits required to earn minor: 18
  • Minimum Cumulative GPA required to earn minor: 2.50
  • Minimum Grade for courses to count toward minor: C-
  • Residency Requirement: A minimum of 9 credit hours must be completed at the University of Maine
  • No more than 6 credits can overlap with those being counted toward another Major or Minor.


1. ____ LDR 100: Foundations of Leadership

This requirement may also be fulfilled by taking three credits from the following list:

MSL 101: Foundations of Officership
MSL 102: Basic Leadership
MSL 201: Leadership and Decision Making
MSL 202: Army Doctrine and Development

2. ____ LDR 200: Leadership Ethics

3. ____ LDR 300: Advanced Leadership Theory & Practice

This requirement may also be fulfilled with the following courses:

MGT 460: Leadership
*GEE 230: Introduction to Engineering Leadership and Management
NUR 444: Management and Leadership in Health Care System

*GEE 230 is a one-credit course. This course may be used to satisfy this requirement, but students electing this option must take at least two additional credit hours from the electives listed below in order to satisfy the minor requirement of 18 total credit hours

4. ____ Applied Leadership. 3 credits from the following:

LDR 380: Leadership and Service
LDR 495: Washington D.C. Leadership Institute
LDR 499: Leadership Engagement Practicum

With pre-approval the following courses, or 400-level practicum/internship courses within specific disciplines, may be used to satisfy this requirement:

CAN 499: Internship-Canadian Studies
EHD 490: Full-Day Student Teaching (Elementary)
EHD 491: Full-Day Student Teaching (Secondary)
EHD 494: Student Teaching K-12 (Art or Music)
EHD 496: Advanced Internship (Elementary)
EHD 497: Advanced Internship (Secondary)
EHD 499: Student Teaching K-12
GEE 430: Engineering Leadership and Management Internship
INV 480: Internship in Innovation
KPE 427: Health Fitness Internship
MSL Leader’s Training Course (LTC)
MSL Leader Development and Assessment Course (LDAC)
POS 487: Practicum in Engaged Policy Studies I
POS 488: Practicum in Engaged Policy Studies II
POS 493: American Politics Internship
POS 495: Congressional Internship
POS 496: International Affairs Internship
SOC 495: Internship in Sociology

B. ____ LEADERSHIP ELECTIVES. 6 credits from the following:

LDR 210: Leadership and Sports
LDR 220: Leadership and Social Movements
LDR 330: Decision Making and Crisis Leadership
LDR 340: Inclusive Leadership
LDR 350: Topics in Leadership Studies
LDR 370: Leadership Through Advocacy and Lobbying
LDR 390: Contemporary Leadership and the Art of Political Strategy
LDR 395: Bipartisan Leadership Lessons from William S. Cohen’s Career in Public Service

Any LDR course at the 400-level and above that is not being used to satisfy the Applied Leadership requirement.

CMJ 102: Fundamentals of Interpersonal Communication
CMJ 103: Public Speaking
CMJ 345: Small Group Communication: Service-Learning
CMJ 347: Argument and Critical Thinking
CMJ 367: Public Relations
CMJ 403: Persuasion and Social Influence
EHD 203: Educational Psychology
ENG 317: Business and Technical Writing
ENG 415: Advanced Report & Proposal Writing
ENG 418: Topics in Professional Writing
INV 180: Create: Innovation Engineering I
INV 282: Communicate: Innovation Engineering II
KPE 286: Introduction to Outdoor Leadership and Facilitation
KPE 344: Principles of Coaching
KPE 383: Organization and Administration in Athletic Training
KPE 396: Outdoor Leadership Field Experience
KPE 411: Ethics and Social Justice in Outdoor Leadership
KPE 426: Exercise Prescription and Leadership
MGT 326: Organizational Behavior
MGT 330: Human Resources Management
MGT 342: Small Business Management
MGT 445: International Management
MGT 449: Strategic Management
MSL 301: Training Management and the Warfighting Functions
MSL 302: Training Applied Leadership in Small Unit Operations
MSL 401: The Army Officer
MSL 402: Company Grade Leadership
NAV 303: Leadership and Management
NAV 304: Leadership and Ethics
NUR 320: Nursing Care Management of Women, Infants, and Families
NUR 330: Nursing Care Management of Children and Families
NUR 331: Nursing Care Management of Children and Families Clinical
NUR 335: Clinical Adult Nursing Management
NUR 413: Nursing Care Management of Women, Infants, and Families
NUR 416: Nursing Care Management of Children and Families
NUR 417: Nursing Care Management of Children and Families
NUR 444: Management and Leadership in the Health Care System
PAX 360: Conflict Resolution
PAX 370: Building Sustainable Communities
PAX 400: Martin Luther King and the Beloved Community
PAX 451: Mediation: Its Premises, Practices and Policies
PAX 470: Sustainable Communication: The Theory and Practice of Nonviolent Communication
PHI 230: Ethics
PHI 231: Topics in Applied Ethics
PHI 232: Environmental Ethics
PHI 233: Business Ethics
PHI 235: Biomedical Ethics
PHI 240: Social and Political Philosophy
PHI 242: Ethics in Professional Life
POS 301: Classical Political Thought
POS 302: Medieval Political Thought
POS 303: Early Modern Political Thought
POS 304: American Political Thought
POS 305: Late Modern Political Thought
POS 306: Crafting the American Constitution
POS 307: Democratic Theory
POS 354: The US Presidency
POS 474: Conduct of Foreign Policy
POS 475: International Security
PSY 251: Psychology of Motivation
SOC 325: The Sociology of Religion
SWK 350: Human Behavior and the Social Environment I
SWK 351: Human Behavior in the Social Environment II
THE 466: Stage Directing
WGS 301: Intermediate Topics in Women’s Gender and Sexuality Studies
WGS 303: Social Movements, Media and Change
WGS 401: Advanced Topics in Women’s Gender and Sexuality Studies

(updated July 2021)