ISA Team ’05-’06 Award Nominations

ISA Team ’05-’06 Award

Each year, the Office of International Programs and ISA select a recipient (or recipents) for the ISA Team ’05-’06 Award.  The award honors those who have gone above and beyond their own responsibilities in order to promote the goals and values of the International Student Association. This award is open to all members of ISA.

We welcome nominations of any person who has done the following:

  • Represented international students at UMaine
  • Created an open atmosphere for the integration of international and domestic students
  • Strengthened the relationship between the UMaine administration and international students
  • Heightened awareness of the importance of the presence of international diversity at UMaine
  • Is in good academic standing (3.0 or above GPA)

To nominate a person, please fill out the accompanying form and state the reason you think this person deserves this award. Please nominate only one person for this award per year.

Graduation Dinner--ISA Award Nomination Form