Luke Rector

Hometown: Thomaston, Maine

College: Colby College

Major: Major in Government, Minor in Managerial Economics

What do you love about Maine? I love Maine because of the unique and genuine people who live here and the state’s diverse natural resources in all of its seasons.

What is something unexpected about you? I had scooped ice cream every summer since I was 12, up until this one! My favorite flavor is mint chocolate chip from Camden Cone.

Engaged, spontaneous, innovative

What would you consider your greatest accomplishment? My greatest accomplishment thus far has undoubtedly been my completion of the Trekkers program. Between being part of the leadership program, the board of trustees, Trekkapalooza, and six expeditions as a student, I couldn’t imagine where I would be developmentally without Trekkers. I can only say great things about the part it has played in my understanding of new cultures, and the challenges that communities face as they evolve together.

What company are you working for? I’m currently working for the Maine International Trade Center as a research assistant!