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Application Process

When is the deadline to apply?

The deadline has been extended until March 10, 2024.

If I’m selected as a fellow, when will I be notified?

You can expect to hear by mid-April.

How does the student/company matching process work?

Our intern/company matching process is extensive. Please review it on our “Matching Process” page.

If I have a planned vacation during the summer, can I still participate in the Innovate for Maine Fellowship program?

Generally yes, but we would need to confirm this with your internship host. Please provide us the dates and times you’re unavailable as soon as possible.

I’m an international student. Does Innovate for Maine work with the Optional Practical Training (OPT) or Curricular Practical Training programs (CPT)?

We can work with international students seeking U.S. work experience through OPT or CPT – please contact Emma Wilson to discuss your specific situation.

Boot Camp

When does boot camp take place?

Due to our anticipated cohort size, we will likely need to host two boot camps this year. The first boot camp will run from May 21-24, 2024, and the second one will be May 28- May 31, 2024.

Where is boot camp hosted? 

Boot camp takes place in person at the Foster Center for Innovation at the University of Maine in Orono.

What if I can’t attend boot camp?

Boot camp is an essential (and required) part of the Innovate for Maine experience. During the boot camp week, fellows will learn the necessary skills to make an immediate impact upon starting their placements, learn more about Maine’s startup landscape and entrepreneurial culture, and form tight bonds with the other members of their cohort. You will be paid for the time you spend in boot camp (the same $18.15/hour rate that you’ll earn during your internship).

How long does the boot camp last?

Boot camp is a 4-day program based on the University of Maine campus in Orono. You will be paid for the time you spend in boot camp (the same $18.15/hour rate that you’ll earn during your internship).

What happens during boot camp?

Boot camp is all about learning and networking. We’ll teach you the fundamentals of innovation and how to use them, provide an overview of Maine’s entrepreneurial ecosystem, and introduce you to the people who are building Maine’s economic future. You’ll attend events and hear from speakers (in person or virtually) and build connections across the state. This fun and busy few days is the cornerstone of our program – learn more about it here.

Does the program provide housing for boot camp if I don’t live in the area?

Yes, Innovate for Maine will house you at a local hotel if we host boot camp in person and you do not live within commuting distance of the UMaine campus in Orono.

Does Innovate for Maine provide transportation to the boot camp?

Fellows are responsible for getting to and from boot camp each day. If travel is required as part of scheduled boot camp activities, Innovate for Maine will provide or arrange for transportation.

Dates and Details

In 2024, will my internship be on-site at a company or at a remote partner location?

All interns will be working in person for at least half of their weekly hours, but some may be in person at their host company, and others may be in person at a partner location such as the Foster Center for Innovation. The placement depends on your host company’s preference for hosting an intern on-site. Many of our early-stage startups hosting interns don’t have the space to host a student or may not have a traditional office space to host an intern. All of our partner locations will be hosting other Innovate for Maine Fellows, so you will be in good company with other interns.

When does the program start and finish?

The program officially starts on the first day of boot camp, which in 2024 will be on May 21st or May 28th (depending on which of the two sessions you attend). The end date depends on whether a fellow is working full-time (400 hours) or part-time (200 hours). Most fellows working a full-time schedule with 40-hour weeks will complete their internship during the first or second week of August. All internships must be completed by the end of August.

How much are fellows paid?

Fellows are paid $18.15/hour.

Who is eligible to participate in Innovate for Maine?

Innovate for Maine is open to college students who are enrolled at a Maine college or university, Maine residents who are attending college or university out of state, and any college student with strong ties to Maine (ex: you visit the state regularly). All majors and class years are open to apply.

If I’m only available part-time during the summer, can I still participate in Innovate for Maine?

Yes, you can apply for a part-time, 200-hour internship placement. Whether full- or part-time, all participants are required to participate in the four-day boot camp.

Where in Maine will I work if I’m accepted into the Innovate for Maine program?

When you apply, you’ll select from a list of Maine cities and towns in which you would be willing to work. We take that into consideration when matching you with a company, and we will only place you with a company in one of those cities or towns. 

If I have an in-person internship, does Innovate for Maine provide housing?

Fellows are responsible for arranging and covering the cost of their own housing during their placements. Innovate for Maine will support fellows in their housing search and connect them with local resources in the area as needed.