Jacques Ferland

320 Stevens Hall

Professor Ferland offered undergraduate-level courses in Early Canadian, French Canadian, Native American and Modern US history. He regularly teaches Colonial Canada (HTY 459), Amerindians of the Northeast (HTY 481), History of French Canada and Franco-Americans (HTY 458), and United States History II (HTY 104), along with a graduate seminar in Canadian Historiography (HTY 520). In recent years, Ferland also offered a senior seminar on Native Americans during the American Revolution and a graduate seminar on the regional history of New England, the Atlantic provinces and the province of Quebec. As a researcher, Jacques Ferland has devoted close attention to labor and business history, women’s history in the textile industry, rural leather tanning communities in the Northeast, and Franco-Penobscot history in nineteenth-century Maine. He has published in both French and English journals.

Representative Publications:

  • “Canadiens, Acadiens, and Canada: Knowledge and Ethnicity in Labour History,” Labour/Le Travail: A Canadian Retrospective — Class, Gender, and Nation, No. 50 (Fall 2002).
  • “The Command of Money in Shaw’s Borderlands,” in Stephen J. Hornsby and John G. Reid, eds., New England and the Maritime Provinces — Connections and Comparisons (McGill-Queen’s: Montreal and Kingston, 2005) 488 pp.
  • “‘In Search of the Unbound Promethea’: A Comparative View of Women’s Activism in Two Quebec Industries, 1869-1908,” Labour/Le Travail 24 (Fall 1989). pp. 11-44.
  • “Les Chevaliers de Saint-Crêpin du Québec, 1869-71: une étude en trois tableaux,” Canadian Historical Review LXXII, no. 1, March 1991, pp. 1-38.
  • “‘Not For Sale’: American Technology and Canadian Shoe Factories: the United Shoe Machinery Company of Canada, 1899-1912,” The American Review of Canadian Studies XVIII, no. 1, Spring 1988, pp. 59-82.
  • “Syndicalisme ‘parcellaire’ et syndicalisme ‘collectif’: une interpretation socio-technique des conflits ouvriers dans deux industries québecoises,” Labour/Le Travail 19 (Spring 1987), pp. 49-88.
  • (with Christopher Wright) “Rural and Urban Labour Processes: a Comparative Analysis of Australian and Canadian Development,” Labour/Le Travail 38 (Fall 1996) and Labour History 71 (November 1996) pp. 142-169.