HTY 547: Becoming a Historian and Professional

Instructor: Kara Peruccio

Days/Time: Tues 4:00-5:50pm

Location: Stevens Hall 310 or WEB Online

Course Number: 45384 or 45385

Description: The process of becoming a historian involves not only completing a thesis, but also developing a gradual command over a specific set of practices generally deemed necessary within the historical discipline. This pass/fail course introduces students to many of the hard and soft skills of the contemporary historical profession. Some of the topics covered will include building a curriculum vitae, navigating the conference circuit, getting published, and assembling an academic job application package. However, it is also recognized that not everyone will become, or even wants to become an academic historian. As a result, a significant portion of the course will be dedicated to a broader set of topics, including the creation of a professional website, general skill recognition, and discussion of a wide range of employment opportunities. The course will involve various individual writing assignments, weekly readings, class discussions, presentations, and guest speakers.