HTY 462 (0001): The American Revolution

Instructor:  Professor Liam Riordan

Course Number: 44865

Days/Time:  TuTh 11:00am-12:15pm

Location: Stevens 355

Description:  This upper-division course focuses on the pivotal era that created the United States as an independent nation. We will examine the traditional political and military events of the American Revolution as well as alternative approaches to understanding this formative period. The Founding Fathers, the course of the war, as well as the consequences of the Revolution for people of African descent and Native Americans are among the topics that we will engage. The course asks you to consider how your understanding of the U.S. today influences your assessment of the Revolutionary period, and how your growing sense of the American Revolution informs (and perhaps changes) your understanding of contemporary society.

Prerequisites:  Three credits of History or permission.

General Education Requirements: Satisfies the Western Cultural Tradition and Social Contexts & Institutions requirements.