HTY 218: History of Film

Instructor:  Professor Nathan Godfried

Days/Time: MWF 1-1:50

Course Number: 44874

Location: Stevens Hall 365

Description:  This course provides an overview of the history of motion pictures from the 1890s through the end of the twentieth century.  It also introduces students to theories and methods of doing film history.  In studying the history of motion pictures, we will consider the major individuals who influenced cinema’s technological and aesthetic development and the cultural, political, and economic forces that helped shape film.  We will examine the development of film as a narrative form, cultural commodity, political object, and art form.  The breadth of international film history far exceeds what can be covered in a single semester.  This course will focus on the history of film in the United States, but it also will explore specific historical film movements in the Soviet Union, Japan, Germany, France, Italy, and elsewhere.

 General Education Requirements:  This course does not fulfill any of the General Education requirements.