Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Hackerspace?

It’s a place to begin experimenting with new types of technology. We provide a space and gear in a collaborative environment. What students discover or learn here they can expand on at other UMaine facilities, such as the IMRC.


What kind of technology do we make accessible?

Our focus is on “internet of things” related devices (e.g.- Raspberry Pi, Arduino, Amazon Echo, etc.) as well as inexpensive prototyping resources (e.g.- 3D printers, soldering stations, solderless breadboards, etc.).


Who can use the space?

Students, faculty, and staff are free to come in and test out gear within the space. The space can also be reserved for student clubs, classes, and events.


How can people reserve the space?

Our website: has a form to reserve gear as well as space and time. For more information contact Michael Potiska.


What all does the Hackerspace have available?

For a complete list check out our website. To request having equipment added to the Hackerspace line up email us at and let us know what you’re interested in.


What does it cost to use the equipment?

Demo kits and reusable gear such as the thermal camera, multimeter, etc. can be used within the Hackerspace at no cost. Things like 3D printer filament, robotics kits, and accessories that can’t be reused will incur a fee, but at this time we are still establishing a means to charge accounts.


What are the hours is the space open?

11am-7pm Sunday-Saturday; After hours reservations are available with prior arrangement.


Is there any special training required to use the equipment?

No additional training or certification is required. One of our goals is ease of access which means we provide equipment most anyone can just walk in and start using.


Any additional questions can be directed to