Building map
First floor of the Memorial Union


Student Union, room 144


We are open:

Monday – Thursday | 10am – 5pm

Friday & Saturday | 10am – 4pm

We are generally closed for holidays and breaks. For after hours access contact us via email to see what accommodations can be made.

Why a Hackerspace?

The University of Maine envisions the Hackerspace as an environment in which students can access the latest technology in order to explore new ways of thinking. Working alone, in teams, or as part of a course, students can develop new approaches to old tasks. They can also test the limits of new technologies by creating their own Rube Goldberg machines or printing simple, 3D widgets.

Please visit the Hackerspace, come to a workshop, join a team and enter a hackathon, or just wander in and see what others are trying.

Contact Us

(207) 581-3314