The Graduate Student Government at the University of Maine

2019 Graduate Student Government (GSG) Summer Research Fellowships

History of GSG Research Fellowships

In 2018, the Graduate Student Government (GSG), in conjunction with the Vice President for Research and Dean of the Graduate School (VPRDGS), launched a new summer fellowship program to be coordinated by the GSG, with the support of the Graduate School. A total of $45,000 in stipend support was promised over the course of 3 academic years for the GSG to award to exemplary graduate students (at which point the program is to be evaluated with potential for renewal). In each of the three years, three $5000 fellowships will be awarded to graduate students who have demonstrated outstanding scholarly achievement, obtaining a minimum GPA of 3.2, as well having showcased exemplary participation and/or achievement in (a) research, (b) leadership and (c) service to the University of Maine.
*‘Research’ as defined for official University departments, overseen by the VPRDGS. ‘Leadership’ to be defined as serving the graduate student population in a position of leadership as a teaching assistant, or any position of leadership within their program, as well as ‘leadership’ in terms of leading significant research projects, or efforts to expand a funding profile of an existing project or expand the University into new fields of research. ‘Service’ will be defined as voluntary engagement in activities to the benefit of the University of Maine, the graduate student population, as well as stakeholders in the community.

Number to be awarded: 3

Award Amount: $5,000 one-time award*

*1/3 of award ($1667.00) to be disbursed during the summer months of June, July, and August on the final day of the month.


Graduate students, enrolled in at least 1 credit (full-time), in good academic standing, having completed at least one year of graduate study, and who have (a) an outstanding record of leadership, (b) service to the University of Maine or its broader community, and participate in (c) research having direct, positive impact on the University and/or have demonstrated a high level of involvement with graduate student affairs, such as serving on search committees, participating in Graduate Student Government, Student Symposium committees, or volunteering at the organizational level for graduate student events, workshops, etc. Priority will be given to students who do not have another source of funding for the Summer term. 

Review of Applications

The University of Maine’s Office of the Vice President of Research and Dean of the Graduate School will have oversight over formal review process of the $45,000 award fund.  Renewal of the fellowship fund beyond the initial three-year period will be at the discretion of the Vice President of Research and Dean of the Graduate School The Executive Committee of the Graduate Student Government (GSG) will act as directed by VPRDGS, facilitating solicitation, recruitment, outreach, and applicant review.

Direct applicant review will be overseen by a ‘Review Team’ of no less than two (2) Executive Officers (recommended that one of the two be the Grants Officer) from the GSG and the Senior Associate Dean of the Graduate School (Scott Delcourt), with the VPRDGS having final ‘veto power’ over the submitted finalists determined by the review team.

Submission Requirements:

  • Short Essay (500 words maximum short essay)
    • Effectively demonstrates research/leadership/service activities.
  • Summer research prospectus (500 words maximum Abstract)
    • Prospective awardees should provide a brief description of the work to be done over the course of the upcoming Summer term which the fellowship will support.

*A report will be completed at the end of the Summer term, detailing the work completed.

Accompanying Requirements:

  • A Letter of support from advisor (sent separately by advisor with subject line “GSG Summer Fellowships–Student Name”) due no later than Saturday, June 8that 5:00 PM.

Submission Deadline: Saturday, June 1st, 2019 by 5:00 PM

Awardees Notified: no later than June 15th, 2019 by midnight.

            Receipt of first monetary award to be received no later than the final day of each of the three months (June, July, and August).

Application Instructions:

Please email applications in PDF format with subject line “GSG Summer Fellowships– Student Name” to:

*Advisor letter of support can be received after the submission deadline, with students being selected based upon Statement demonstrating leadership/service activities, and Summer research prospectus but must be received prior to receipt of first award (June).                                                                    

A Message from the President, Graduate Student Government:   
The Graduate Student Government commits to the search for, and showcase of, student excellence in the areas of research, leadership, and service to others, for the benefit of another individual, the University of Maine and related organizations, the UMaine community including non-profit organizations, and/or the world or for ‘global good’. Working collaboratively with all University of Maine departments, including the Office of the VPRDGS, the GSG aims to increase access to funding for ongoing research, and/or leadership, and/or service activities. Exceptional student leadership is character of the University of Maine and is deserving of recognition and compensation for those who demonstrate exemplary performance in those areas. Eligible students are highly encouraged to apply.                                                
Best of luck!
Lacey R. Darling, President 2019-2020