Thesis Submission/Oral Defense

Students in a thesis program will also need to follow the thesis submission deadlines. Be sure to check out the graduation requirements and deadlines.

Review the Thesis Guidelines!

Please review the guidelines and take a look at the thesis template before you begin writing your thesis!

Provide your Committee with the Thesis

In general you will want to give them adequate time to read through the entire manuscript.

Schedule your Oral Defense (Examination)

Work with your committee to schedule your defense.  Be sure to secure a date, time, and location.

Submit the Notice of Oral Examination

Submit the Notice of Oral to us at least 2 weeks prior to the scheduled defense.

Tentative Thesis Submission

Submit your tentative thesis and the acceptance form or statement by the deadline for that semester.  The thesis consultants will review for formatting and consistency and return to you when completed.

Oral Defense

Bring the ‘Oral Examination and Final Project/Thesis/Dissertation Acceptance Form’ to the oral examination and review the Oral Examination Instructions for more information.

After the Defense & Graduate School Review

You will take any committee recommendations (for content), and any recommendations from us (formatting & consistency) to create the final version.

Electronic Thesis & Dissertation Account

In order for the Graduate School to post the final electronic version to @DigitalCommons, you must create an account and enter pertinent information about your research.  Instructions on how to create the account can be found here.

Final Thesis Submission!

Submit your final thesis and all required forms by the deadline for that semester.  The thesis consultants will review for formatting and consistency and notify you and your advisor via email of any changes. Once all revisions are completed, the thesis consultants will post your final thesis to @DigitalCommons.

Oral Defenses

Support your fellow students and attend an Oral Defense! Check out the calendar.


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    Director of Graduate Communications: CRM Administration and Communications