James A. Weber

Associate Professor of Animal and Veterinary SciencesWeber

Degree: Ph.D. 1992, University of Idaho; DVM 1994, Washington State University
Phone: 207.581.2774
Email: jaweber@maine.edu
Location: 130B Hitchner Hall

Professional Interests:

Teaching: AVS 203 Equine Management, AVS 231 Sheep Management Cooperative, AVS 437 Animal Diseases, AVS 480 Physiology of Reproduction

Recent Publications:

Causey, R.C.; Artiushin, S.C.; Crowley, I.F.; Weber, J.A.; Homola, A.D.; Kelley, A .; Stephenson, L.A.; Opitz, H.M.; Guilmain, S.; Timoney, J.F. 2010. Immunisation of the equine uterus against Streptococcus equi subspecies zooepidemicus using an intranasal attenuated Salmonella vector. Vet. J. 184:156-161.

Causey, R.C.; Weber, J.A.; Emmans, E.E.; Stephenson, L.A.; Homola, A.D.; Knapp, K.R.; Crowley, I.F.; Pelletier, D.C.; Wooley, N.A. 2006. The equine immune response to Streptococcus equi subspecies zooepidemicus during uterine infection. Vet. J. 172:248-257.

Weber, J.A.; Causey, R.C.; Emmans, E.E. 2001. Induction of luteolysis in mares by ultrasound-guided intraluteal treatment with PGF2alpha.  Theriogenology 55:1769-1776.