Robert Causey

Associate Professor of Animal and Veterinary Sciences

Degree: Ph. D. 1995, Louisiana State University; DVM 1989 University of Minnesota
Phone: 207.922.7475
Location: 207 Rogers Hall

Website: Robert Causey Resources

Professional Interests: Equine reproduction, infectious diseases, anatomy,biomechanics, and economic sustainability of equine farms in Maine

Teaching: AVS 196 Introduction to Equine Cooperative, AVS 303 Equine Management Cooperative, AVS 393 Training the Standardbred Horse, AVS 397 Equine Internship


Recent Publications:

Muthupalani, S.; Torres, P.A.; Wang, B.C.; Zeng, B.J.; Eaton, S.; Erdelyi, I.; Ducore, R.; Maganti, R.; Keating, J.; Perry, B.J.; Tseng, F.S.; Waliszewski, N.; Pokras, M.; Causey, R.; Seger, R.; March, P.; Tidwell, A.; Pfannl, R.; Seyfried, T.; Kolodny, E.H.; Alroy, J. 2014. G(M1)-gangliosidosis in American black bears: Clinical, pathological, biochemical and molecular genetic characterization. Mol. Gen. Metab. 111:513-521.

Gores-Lindholm, A.R.; LeBlanc, M.M.; Causey, R.; Hitchborn, A.; Fayrer-Hosken, R.A.; Kruger, M.; Vandenplas, M.L.; Flores, P.; Ahlschwede, S.  2013.  Relationships between intrauterine infusion of N-acetylcysteine, equine endometrial pathology, neutrophil function, post-breeding therapy, and reproductive performance.  Theriogenology 80:218-227.

Seger, R.L.; Cross, R.A.; Rosen, C.J.; Causey, R.C. ; Gundberg, C.M.; Carpenter, T.O.; Chen, T.C.; Haltemati, W.A.; Holick, M.F.; Jakubas, W.J.; Keisler, D.H.; Seger, R.M.; Servello, F.A. 2011.  Investigating the mechanism for maintaining eucalcemia despite immobility and anuria in the hibernating American black bear (Ursus americanus).  Bone 49:1205-1212.

Causey, R.C.; Artiushin, S.C.; Crowley, I.F.; Weber, J.A.; Homola, A.D.; Kelley, A .; Stephenson, L.A.; Opitz, H.M.; Guilmain, S.; Timoney, J.F. 2010. Immunisation of the equine uterus against Streptococcus equi subspecies zooepidemicus using an intranasal attenuated Salmonella vector. Vet. J. 184:156-161.

Causey, R.C.; Ruksznis, D.; Miles, R. 2007.  Field management of equine uterine prolapse in a Thoroughbred mare.  Equine Vet. Educ. 19:254-259.