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Date Time Location Notes
2019-09-11 7:00 PM FFA Room
2019-10-9 7:00 PM FFA Room
2019-11-13 7:00 PM FFA Room
2019-12-11 7:00 PM FFA Room
2020-01-22 7:00 PM FFA Room  4th Wed.,  First week of classes
2020-02-12 7:00 PM FFA Room
2020-03-11 7:00 PM FFA Room
2020-04-8 7:00 PM FFA Room
2020-04-30  7:00 PM FFA Room Note: Thursday before Finals week

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Maine Airports

Maine Airports

Bangor International Airport

Distance from BGR: 0 nmi

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Bangor, ME

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AOPA Kneeboard Airport Diagram (PDF)View in Google Maps



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