Join the Club

Flying Members

The “flying member” status is for those who want to fly club planes. This includes those wanting to train for their pilot certificate as well as those that already hold a private pilot certificate and just wish to fly. Flying members pay a small entry fee, and then monthly dues of just $25 to offset fixed expenses, such as hanger fees and insurance. Flying members are provided with their own set of plane keys and access to an online scheduler to reserve up to 8 hours of time.

Initial fees break down this way:

Item Fee
 Non Refundable Fees
 Membership Fee  $130
 Aircraft Manual  $16
 First Month’s Dues  $25
 Fully Refundable Fees
 Security Deposit  $300
 Key Deposit  $3
 Total to Join  $474

If you would like to become a flying member please contact the Club Treasurer, Ian Riley, by email ( or by phone (207-745-0221, weekends and after 5pm weekdays).

Persons interested in becoming a flying member must also complete this application to fly the plane(s) owned or managed by the club. This new form also covers those wanting to fly the University owned Cessna 172SP with G1000.

Introductory Members

Not sure if you want to commit to becoming a flying member, but want to experience what it’s like to fly? No problem. The Club has created an introductory membership which allows you to experience flight without needing to join as a full, flying member. Introductory members can fly up to 2 hours within one month’s time, and only need to pay for the cost of the plane rental (which starts at $65 per hour) and their instructor (starting at $30 per hour).

If you would like to try flight as an introductory member contact please contact the Club Treasurer, Ian Riley, by email ( or by phone (207-745-0221).

Non-Flying Members

If you are not ready to fly but would still like to be involved with the club, you may join as a non-flying member for free. Non-flying members often join to learn more about the process of earning a private pilot’s license, or due to a general interest in aviation. Furthermore, we try to get non-flying memebers that come to club meetings up for a ride!

If you would like be to a non-flying member, please contact the Club President (see Contacts page).

Certified Flight Instructors

The University Flying Club works closely with Certified Flight Instructors (CFIs) to ensure quality flight training. The club maintains a list of club instructors. Any CFI who would like to be added to this list (or perhaps just instruct a single student, but stay off the list) should contact the Club Treasurer, Ian Riley, by email ( or by phone (207-745-0221)