About Us

As the name suggests, Engineers Without Borders is an international group of NGOs that complete engineering projects worldwide. Communities can contact their local chapter or organization with their need for help, be it improved sanitation management or even a source of clean drinking water. Our most recent completed projects were in Honduras and Ecuador. To finance our projects, we hold fundraising campaigns and ask that the communities pitch in what they can. Since many of these projects are small settlements in developing nations, we contribute as much as possible.

Please read more about our current project on the “Uganda Project” page

Despite having “engineering” in our name, we can also use help from folks outside the discipline! We have teams working on financing, membership, and design aspects of the club. All are welcome!

To contact us with questions regarding our organization, outreach, and projects please email us at ewb.umainechapter@gmail.com. To reach our executives directly via email please visit our executive page.


EWB UMaine:  ewb.umainechapter@gmail.com


Mailing Address:

Engineers Without Borders

AMC Building

30 Beddington Road, Room 210

Orono, ME 04473